Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The success of warehouses and distribution centers depends on the continual movement of trucks and forklifts. Flooring plays a vital role in the smooth operation of every logistical setting.

Chipped, cracked, or uneven industrial flooring may be a hazard for your staff and equipment. This might result in injuries, damages, and inefficiencies.

Elite Floor Coatings specializes in the installation of a variety of warehouse epoxy flooring solutions that comply with warehouse cleanliness and health requirements.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida
Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida

Benefits of Industrial Epoxy Floors

At Elite Floor Coatings, we supply and professionally install a range of warehouse and production facilities premium flooring options that meet the hygiene and health regulations for industrial environments.

Where Can You Find Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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Industrial Floor Coatings
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If you operate a warehouse or packing plant, you might have noticed that heavy machinery, continuous foot traffic, and the reality of day-to-day operations can put a strain on your flooring.

It is critical to keep your industrial floors in good condition for the safety of your employees and to keep them looking nice to promote pride in your business.

Elite Floor Coatings provides epoxy flooring that is customized to the demands of your business, it’s long-lasting and can withstand everything you throw at it.

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We specialize in epoxy and resinous floor coatings that offer rapid curing times. Operations can restart considerably faster, with minimum disruption to operations and shorter downtime.

When downtime is important and must be kept to a minimum, our newest extra heavy strength epoxy formulation is required. It is the most recent in industrial floor epoxy technology.

Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida
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Industrial Floor Coatings
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With their chemical resistance, our epoxy floors are ideal for facilities that deal with strong chemicals or use harsh cleaning chemicals.
Epoxy floorings are non-porous, with liquids unable to soak into them. This prevents your concrete floors from liquid damage and bacteria and mold growth due to water. For areas such as labs and pharmaceutical processing plants, we use special epoxy coatings that are resistant to bacteria development.

If you need an increased floor safety, an anti-slip agent can be added to the final epoxy coat.

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