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What is Garage Flooring?

Do you wish your Martin County, FL garage floor was easier to clean and maintain? Is your garage becoming an eye soar every time you open the garage door?

Our garages play an important role in our family life, from parking our cars, to being a storage room, family workshop to a home gym. 

If the concrete floor in your garage is not sealed, the floor will be prone to stains, damage and concrete dusting. After a while it will be come virtually impossible to keep it clean and maintain it.

This is where Elite Floor Coatings Martin county comes in. Our high-performance epoxy coatings are designed to protect your garage floor from stain, cracks, chips and damage, while providing you with a easy to clean and esthetically pleasing floor.

Our epoxy garage coatings come in metallic, flake and solid color finish to match with your interior. There are designed for both Martin county residential and commercial use. 

They are ideal for not only home garages, but also for auto repair shops, mechanics, engine repair rooms, commercial garages, car parks and showrooms.

Garage Floor Benefits

Epoxy Floor is perfect for Martin County residential and commercial garage floors, that want to stand out. They are not only easy to maintain, but have a longer lifespan and more stylish looks than any other flooring option on the market.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy coatings are non-porous, making it hard for liquids to penetrate and stain the surface. Since they cannot soak into the surface, cleaning and maintaining your epoxy garage floor, becomes extremely easy. All you will need is a damp mop and some mild floor detergent to remove stains from the floor surface.


We use high-performance and industrial quality epoxy products, that are designed to stand up to heavy traffic over years of use. Our coatings cure to a hard and thick finish, that is bonded to the floor in your garage. This makes it resistant to impacts, as well as tire marking, chemicals, surface abrasion, lifting, and peeling. Epoxy floors are also resistant to moisture, dust, dirt, and grime.

Unique Appearance

Epoxy coatings come in a variety of finishes you can choose from.

At Elite Floor Coatings Martin County, we offer garage floor finishes such as epoxy flake, metallic epoxy, and simple single-color finishes.

Long lasting

When the epoxy floor has been installed properly, it can last for years if not decades.

At Elite Floor Coatings, we have a detailed floor installation process, that ensures your concrete floor is properly prepared and repaired before any floor finish is installed on it.

Protects the Concrete Slab

As epoxy is more durable than concrete, when placed over concrete slabs it acts as bandage that protects the underlaying floor from damages, moisture, grease, cracks, and stains

How We Install Garage Flooring

The most important part of the longevity of every Martin County epoxy garage floor is floor preparation. Without the concrete slab being prepared properly, your new epoxy floor will start lifting and peeling soon after installation.

At Elite Floor Coatings we spend a lot of time focusing of floor preparation, no matter whether we do a small residential garage, a big commercial carpark or airplane hangar.

We start every epoxy garage floor by mechanically diamond grinding the floor. This step removes  old paint and sealers, oil, stains, dirt and grime from the floor. It also helps us achieve the correct concrete profile for the epoxy to bond with the concrete slab.

We then move on to repairing all cracks and chips on the floor. This step is crucial for the longevity of your floor.

We then move on to applying a primer coat for metallic epoxy and flake flooring. For 100% solids, we apply the first coat of your selected color. 

Once the primer or the basecoat has cured we move on to applying:

For the metallic epoxy finish, we apply a metallic self-level basecoat. This is when all of the different metallic pigments start to interact with each other, to create your dream floor.
For epoxy flake flooring we apply the basecoat and broadcast the vinyl flake chips.
For solid color epoxy, we apply the 2nd coat of the selected color.

For epoxy flake, garage floor finish, once the basecoat is fully cured we move on to scraping off the excess flakes.

For all epoxy floor finishes, the final step is applying a protective UV stable clear topcoat.

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Common Areas For Epoxy Flooring

Elite Floor Coatings epoxy garage flooring can be found in variety of settings around Martin County.

Some of the most common areas for epoxy flooring are:

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