Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Your commercial space requires flooring that can sustain high traffic, is safe for clients to walk on, and effectively displays your brand and products.

Epoxy floors and their seamless design, combined with protective topcoats, make cleaning a breeze, allowing you to spend more time helping your customers and less time cleaning your floors.

Our commercial flooring systems come in a variety of colors, textures, and blends.

Elite Floor Coatings specializes in the installation of a variety of commercial epoxy flooring solutions.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida
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Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Where is Commercial Flooring Ideal For?

Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice for a variety of commercial properties around Port St Lucie, Palm Beach FL and Martin County, such as:

Epoxy Flake Flooring Palm Beach County Florida
Metallic Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida

Commercial Floor Coatings
Martin County

Gyms around Florida were hit hard during the pandemic. One issue many faced was keeping the gyms to a high level of cleanliness
Flooring plays a big role in creating comfortable and inviting training spaces. Selecting the right material for your Martin county commercial gym flooring will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also contribute to the safety of your gym.
Gym flooring needs to have the ability to hold up against a number of intense conditions; impact from dropped dumbbells, moisture from sweat, water, and cleaning products, customer foot traffic, and more. Additionally, the right gym flooring can make your space safe for visitors; preventing slips and falls that can lead to serious injury.
Epoxy flooring can help you with that, while creating an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment for your clients.
Elite floor coatings, offers a variety of epoxy flooring options from plain colored epoxy, metallic epoxy and the most durable option of epoxy flake.

Commercial Concrete Coatings
St Lucie County

Running a beauty salon, is a stressful process, from the decor to the quality of services offered. They do not only have to offer great services but also a level of comfort and relaxation.
A beauty salon represents a warm, comfortable, safe place where the clients are invited to relax.
For many years, the choice of interior color for salons often tended to a single shade, usually very pale and minimalistic, with little personality. Today, the more you personalize the salon, it is given individual character and originality, the greater the success.
The easiest way to achieve a high level of personalization is metallic epoxy flooring. It not only lets you use brand colors or colors that can influence your customers, but it is also highly durable, easy to clean, hygienic, long-lasting, and economical.
Cleanliness is one factor that will turn your clients from one-time visits to repetitive ones. Metallic epoxy flooring is not only non-porous but also anti-microbial and chemical resistant.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Palm Beach County Florida
Studio Epoxy Flooring Martin County Florida

Commercial Epoxy Floors
Palm Beach County

In today’s world, office spaces are designed to stimulate creativity and foster integration.

Until recently resinous flooring was associated with production facilities and warehouses. However, the industrial aesthetic design which can be replicated with epoxy flooring is becoming more and more popular in office buildings around Palm Beach.
The use of plain epoxy with flakes, bold-colored floors, or metallic floors, where the floor becomes the center of attention, not only brings the WOW factor to your clients but also creates a positive. motivating and energizing working atmosphere.
Elite Floor Coatings specializes in resinous floors that will WOW your employees and clients, are long-lasting (might even become your longest employee), durable, easy to maintain and clean, stain and scratch-resistant

Quartz Flooring Florida

Quartz Flooring is a high build, double broadcast system, made up of a combination of advanced resin technology and the finest colored quartz granules on the market.
This combination makes quartz flooring extremely resistant to strong chemicals and UV exposure, as well as providing extreme durability and performance in the most demanding settings.
Our quartz flooring system comes in two quartz granules sizes, one designed for residential use and one optimized for commercial and industrial use.

Quartz Flooring Areas of Use

Benefits of Quartz Flooring

How Do We Apply Quartz Flooring?

The most crucial component of the installation process for ensuring the durability and lifetime of Quartz Flooring is floor preparation.

To begin, we grind the floor mechanically to remove any dirt, oils, stains, grime, and loose particles.

After that, we fix any cracks or holes in the floor.

We apply a concrete coating of epoxy primer after we’ve transformed the concrete floor into a blank canvas.

We apply the foundation base coat layer and scatter the quartz sand onto the floor when the primer coat has fully set.

We remove the surplus quartz and seal the floor with a specially developed finish once it has fully cured.

Our Epoxy Floor Services

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Residential Flooring

Choose from a range of epoxy flooring finishes for your garage, driveway, patio or interior.

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Choose from a range of epoxy floor finishes for your residential and commercial garage floor

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Industrial Flooring

Choose the ideal epoxy flooring for your Martin Country industrial facility or warehouse

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